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Benjamin Franklin wrote "In this world nothing can be said to be certain except Death and Taxes". Whilst at Creely Fleming & Co. we can’t do anything to help with the former we certainly can assist with tax management. Tax is something that affects all businesses and whilst clients don’t mind paying their fair share of tax nobody likes paying more than they have to.

The administrative burden placed on business nowadays is considerable and tax compliance is becoming increasingly complex. When we consider the range of taxes that ordinary businesses face on an ongoing basis e.g.:

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• Value Added Tax • Corporation Tax
• PAYE and PRSI • Capital Gains Tax
• Relevant Contract Tax • Capital Acquisitions Tax
• Income Tax • Stamp Duty

And when we consider the constant legislative tax changes it is no surprise that businesses need professional advice. We provide a comprehensive taxation advisory service to clients to help them deal with all of the complexities and most importantly to ensure that all of our clients remain tax compliant whilst at the same time paying no more than they should.

When it comes to tax planning clients need more than technical guidance from their service advisors. They need a firm that combines technical knowledge with a personal commitment to client service and a unique understanding of client needs.

Creely Fleming & Co. advise clients on their tax filing requirements to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. We professionally prepare tax returns on behalf of our clients, as required, and we strive to ensure that clients are fully informed at all times.

Planning and Consulting
In addition to annual return preparation, our clients rely on us to provide inquiries, observations and suggestions about items that emerge during the return preparation process. Our strong client relationships and the information developed from performing the annual tax return create a basis for rendering reliable advice.

Personal Tax Services
We also offer a variety of personal financial planning services to help executives improve their after-tax compensation, reduce the after-tax cost of debt obligations and plan for family financial security.